On many occasions, Our Lady has said, “Pray, pray, pray, my dear children.

We are not called to pray with the lips, Our Lady does not ask us to pray and then to look at the clock to see when the prayer will be over. Our Lady invites us to pray with the heart.

To pray with the heart means to make time for God. To pray with the heart means to pray out of love and with love. To pray with our entire being, so that our prayer becomes an encounter with Jesus, that our prayer becomes a joy. If we pray with the heart and when we finishing praying, our heart will be full of joy and love. “May prayer become joy for you,” Our Lady said. “Dear children, the one who prays has no fear of the future.”

And Our Lady said, “Dear children if you want to attend the school of prayer, then you need to know that in the school of prayer there are no weekends and no free days. Every day we need to attend the school of prayer. Dear children, if you want to pray better, then you always have to pray more. To pray more is always a personal decision, but to pray better is grace, a grace given to those who pray more.”

Many times we say, I don’t have time for prayer. But Our Lady says, “No, dear children, the time is not the problem, the problem is love. Because dear children, when man loves something there is always time for it. But if he doesn’t love something, there is never time for it.” So you can see that if we love prayer we will have time for it.

And Our Lady is leading us with that love. She is waking us up for all these years from spiritual death. She wants to strengthen us in our faith and prayer.


Have you become a pupil in Our Lady’s school of prayer