Ivan’s prayer group was formed quite spontaneously, one evening, while a group of friends were gathered on the balcony of Vicka’s house. They proposed to Ivan, to convey to Our Lady, their desire to set up a prayer group. He did so at his apparition and Our Lady gave it her blessing.

Consequently, on the 4th July 1982, in response to Our Lady’s call to live Her messages and to pray for Her intentions and plans, Ivan’s prayer group was founded. After two months, Our Lady began giving messages to the group through Ivan.

The prayer group initially assembled three times a week to pray and sing and Ivan would have an extra apparition of Our Lady, in addition to his one at 6:40pm.

On numerous occasions, Our Lady would test the prayer group and schedule her encounter for after midnight, once even at 3am, frequently in the toughest of weather conditions. Ivan recalls being on Križevac, trying to shelter from the Bora wind and not being able to stand up straight from the force of the wind. Because of the sacrifice they made, they were blessed meetings as it was then Our Lady was ineffably joyous and thanked them for coming in such inclement weather.

 Our Lady, particularly emphasised that the group pray with the heart, prayer with the lips is empty, a collection of words without meaning.

One member of the prayer group, Nedjo Brečić, Vicka’s brother-in-law, died on the 17th anniversary of the founding of the prayer group, 4th July 1999. LORD HAVE MERCY ON HIS SOUL.


Today, Ivan and his prayer group meet twice a week, when Ivan is in Medjugore and sometimes Our Lady tells Ivan to invite the public to the apparition.