The apparitions of Our Lady had already been occurring two months and one day, when on Monday, 25th August 1981, something extraordinary was witnessed by many of the villagers, the Priests in Medjugorje and people from the surrounding areas and many transcriptions of the incident were written by such onlookers and are held in the archives in Medjugorje.

Vicka very briefly described the event in a diary that she kept.  ‘That evening, a little after Our Lady had prayed for peace a large inscription appeared in the sky over Križevac.

The Croatian word ‘MIR’, which means Peace was clearly visible, written in gold letters.’


 Did they understand the profundity of this miraculous image?

Did they know what this sign was heralding?

After all, Our Lady was coming as Queen of Peace and had introduced herself as Queen of Peace. Up to this point, She hadn’t said too much about peace and all the levels that entails, on the third day of the apparitions (26th June 1981) Our Lady said through the visionary Marija Pavlović, ‘‘Peace, peace, peace only peace; Peace must reign between man and God and between all people’’, and now PEACE was written in the sky. The visionaries were persistently asking Our Lady for a sign and here it was clearly written for all to embrace or ignore.