Today, the parish of St. James, Medjugorje is commemorating 49 years since the new Church was solemnly blessed.

The parish of Medjugorje was founded on the 15th May 1892 and placed under the patronage of St. James the Apostle, who is the patron saint of pilgrims, and the first church was built by 1897 (at the roundabout).

The ground, however, was unstable and the wall of the beautiful spacious church began to crack and the building began to sink. It had repair work done on countless occasions, but all in vain.

Immediately after World War 1 had ceased, the parishioners began to think about building a new church. The work on the construction of a new church (as we know it today) began in June 1935 after receiving permission from the Bishop and had to be abandoned during World War II. The design for the church was architected by a  famous Zagreb architect, Stjepan Podhorsky.

The construction of the Church was finally completed on the 19th January 1969, when the Church was blessed.