‘‘Dear young friends!

Again, you have come to Medjugorje in such a great numbers. No one has directed you to come here in this summer heat. You are doing this because this is desire of your own heart, otherwise you would not put in this effort. What is inspiring you to come to Medjugorje? This is not a fashion, not a trend, it is not a momentary enthusiasm. It is a special nearness, nearness of the Gospa who is drawing you.

I also recognise this in Lourdes and other places where she is showing her nearness, where people can feel her presence, such mighty strength and consolation comes forth from Mary’s nearness!

How many people have found faith in Our Lady’s nearness, have converted and how often and after so many years were able to go again for confession and to receive God’s forgiveness?

I was very moved that our Holy Father has sent his personal Delegate for Pastoral issues of Medjugorje, Archbishop of Warsaw-Praga, Henryk Hoser, appointed on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, 11th February.  That is a beautiful sign, and that he, from the fruits of Medjugorje had accentuated the many conversions.

Therefore, I ask you for that which the Holy Father Pope Francis always prays for, let us pray for him. He is the one who is the Vicar of Christ, the successor of St. Peter to whom Jesus entrusted the whole Church.

I ask of you one more thing, something that Pope Francis always reminds us of, – charity and love for the poor and little ones. He who has a heart for the poor of any kind, cannot fail in his life. There is a great love that comes from Medjugorje for the people in need.

I am with you in my heart in these days and I wish you to obtain many graces, to have good confession and to experience joy of true celebration in the communion with others. Do not allow anyone or anything take that joy away from you. That joy is truly authentic witness for this world.’’

Yours truly, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.