Fr Max celebrated Holy Mass this morning, 24th January 2018, and as part of his homily he prayed this beautiful prayer;


The Change of Heart Prayer

O Admirable Mother,

Put your Immaculate Heart,

in the place of my heart stained by sin.

That the Holy Spirit might work in me,

And your Divine Son might grow in me.


 Fr. Maximillan from the Oasis of Peace  explained;

We have to have a change of heart. Why? Because the heart is the soil. If our soil is full of weeds, the fruit, the seed, the Word cannot grow. It needs a pure soil, a virgin soil, it needs Mary. She is that virgin soil where the Word became Flesh. She gave flesh to the Word, substantially, materially in all her ways. Mary is that virgin soil where there are no weeds inside, no egoism inside. Wherever you look at Mary, up and down, left and right, wherever you look in Mary, you will only find Jesus.  She is the soil, Jesus is the seed, and He is the fruit, because there can be no other fruit than Jesus who glorifies God. God finds only delight in His Son.  That is her role as a mother, as she let Jesus grow in her womb, she wants to let Him grow in us, that we can be Jesus on this earth.  That’s sanctity, there is no other sanctity than to let Jesus live in us. That we can sow and be the extended hand of God, and give the seed, that others may come and have life.