On the 14TH July 1962, Fra. Jozo  Zovko received his Franciscan Habit . A couple of months later in the Autumn, he was conscripted into the army and his novitiate had to be interrupted. He started his military service in Kosovo, but could not complete the full term as he was having difficulty with his eyes. He was sent for some eye examinations to Prestina where he was temporarily discharged from the army.  Sometime later he was declared ‘unfit for service’.

Fr. Jozo’s eye sight began to deteriorate and one of his teachers sent him to Sarajevo to a famous doctor who said that his cornea should be replaced but it would be a very difficult, complicated operation. The procedure did not take place.

One of Fra. Jozo’s professors was very concerned about him, he went to Lourdes and prayed for him there, that he would not lose his sight. He brought back some Lourdes Water to him and told him how to bath his face with it and to turn especially to God and Our Lady with faith.

Doing exactly as he was told and placing all his trust in God and Our Lady, his eyes were healed, he could see properly again.