Jelena Vasilj was born on the 14th May 1972 in Medjugorje. In 1982, Our Lady began to speak interiorly to Jelena in her heart . Jelena asked  “May I know the ten secrets?”

Our Lady replied “I did not appear to you as to the other six because my plan is different. To them I entrusted messages and secrets. Forgive me if I cannot tell you the secrets which I have entrusted to them; it concerns a grace which is for them, but not for you. I appeared to you for the purpose of helping you to progress in spiritual life and through your intermediary I want to lead people to holiness.”


At a Marian Conference in the USA Jelena was asked about prayer in the family.

Q. What have you learned from Our Lady about family prayer, or from your own extensive family experience?


A.  Jelena:  ”Well everything, you know, in Medjugorje has come through the family.  The visionaries, the young people, would go back to their families and would say, well this is what Our Lady wants us to do, and then we would do this with our families.  So we were praying together and we were living the messages in the family.  Even the communities that came out of Medjugorje [came out of the family prayer].  You know that entire convents have come out of Medjugorje.  And for instance Cardinal Schoenborn says that half his vocations have something to do with Medjugorje. And I remember Sister Elvira (Cenacolo Foundress) coming to our house in the morning and praying with our family, and some other people who have founded other communities would come in the morning and pray with us.  So the families were really schools of prayer.  This is where everything started, the parishioners and the families.  Everything started from there.


And this is why I think it is not strange that the visionaries got married themselves.  I think Our Lady really wants a renewal of the family. If we don’t discover the importance of family, then we can’t really understand the love of God because the family is the image of the love of God. Healthy, good vocations, holy vocations come from good families.  I think Our Lady has a special plan for the family.  We prayed in our family for years and we still do.  My father would wake us up every morning at 6:00 before we all went to school. I must admit that I was the hardest one to wake up!  But he would always tell me, “I feel responsible.  This is my duty.”  I know that nowadays with young people it is hard to talk that way because sometimes they are so far from us and far from prayer.  But my father really did have that authority and we followed him and we are very grateful.  Our Lady did say that a father in a family is like St. Joseph, almost like a priest!  So the father needs to animate the prayer, lead the prayers.


So I have to say that family prayer for us was really our protection.  I mean, we were just like any other family with tensions and problems, but what family prayer does to our family is just amazing. And it is simple prayer. You know you would expect there is some special exercise that people would have to do to get rid of their tensions and difficulties and I remember many times trying to find an agreement.  But when you pray with people the Holy Spirit does something very powerful. You can test it the other way.  Try praying with the people you don’t get along with.  You can’t. So if you want to really get along and live that fullness of love, you must lean on the love of God which comes into a family through prayer. (Jelena Vasilj-Valente.  Notre Dame, May 14, 2011)


“When you pray with people the Holy Spirit does something very powerful!”  Absolutely!  This is the point!  If we want our families to be filled with peace and love, if we want our children to be holy and successful, if we want our homes to be places of healing and blessing, we must invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in our families.  He brings all that is necessary to make us whole.  He helps our families to be harmonious flowers for God!  He is the one who germinates the flower of our family so that good fruit develops!  He injects us with the pollen of God’s love, so that our families can mature in love and joy.  Only through prayer can the Holy Spirit visit us and bring his germinating power!





Source; Mary TV 2011