News of the apparitions spread like wild fire and by the seventh day Apparition Hill was thronged with people patiently awaiting the arrival of the visionaries much to the irritation of the police. At about 2pm two young ladies who were social workers Ljubica Vasilj-Gulvić and Mica Ivanković who were known to the visionaries and their families, approached the visionaries and suggested they come in the car with them to get away from the crowds, that there was going to be a police inspection. Ivan was not present. Eager to escape from the madding crowds, the 5 visionaries innocently accepted the suggestion and went with them.

This was a plan orchestrated by the communist police to keep the children away from the Hill as they were increasingly worried about the multitudinous crowds gathering there.  They were brought to the waterfall, treated to ice-cream and cake, treats which they were not accustomed to.

When the time for the apparition was approaching all the visionaries received their interior call, they asked for the car to be stopped but were ignored. The driver put her foot the accelerator to try and prevent the apparition as she thought she could do, but the car came to a sudden stop at a place called Černo. They looked in the direction of Apparition Hill which was illuminated with a radiant light. The social workers witnessed this light also.

They began to pray. Our Lady drew near them from the direction of Podbrdo and the apparition began.

After, Our Lady appeared, the social workers drove the visionaries to the Parish Office, where they were interviewed at length by Fra Jozo Zovko. He also questioned the social workers. 

Ivanka said; “First, we prayed our usual prayers. Then, not thinking about what I was doing, I looked up the hill and saw a light and the light was coming towards us. On the hillside where the people were, they-and everything-were bathed in the light. Those two girls, who had driven them on the trip, saw this. I said: ‘Do you see the light?’ They said: ‘We see it.’ I looked at the light all the time. Then we knelt and sang.”

Mirjana said “I asked Her if She was displeased that we had left the hill and gone to the other place. She said that She does not mind…

They then asked if She minds if they do not go to the hill anymore but go to the church instead. Again Our Lady said she didn’t mind.

In an indirect way, the events of that day arranged by the communist authorities to prevent the visionaries from gathering on the hill, led to the apparitions beginning in the Church.