Raffaella Mazzocchi was just 16 years old when she lost the sight in one eye. Raffaella was in school in Naples, Italy on the 22nd December in 2001 when all of a sudden, the sight totally went from her right eye. She went to a specialist who diagnosed retrobulbar optic neuritis, which was caused by a virus that began to destroy her optic nerve. The damage was irreversible.

Due to her inability to study, Raffaella had to leave school. Sleep was interrupted every night because of the pain.  The weeks turned into months and the months into years, the doctors said that there was no possibility for recovery of her sight. Raffella lost hope and her faith and ceased attending Holy Mass. Her life was a ‘living nightmare for eight years.’

In 2009, her Mum, aunts and sister-in-law decided to go on a pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Reluctantly, Raffaella accompanied them but she had no intention of praying for her healing.

One evening, while at the Blue Cross Raffaella’s sister-in-law noticed that the sun was moving in the sky and drew Raffaella’s attention to it and handed her her sunglasses. With her good eye, the left one, she saw the sun rotate and pulsate then approach her face and go back again. It was continuously changing colour, red, blue, orange, green. Raffaella was intrigued, she had never seen anything as spectacular. Then suddenly she couldn’t see anything at all, she panicked, through off the glasses and began to scream hysterically, she had lost the sight in her good eye.

Pilgrims began to gather around to see had the chaos was about.  Raffaella’s eyes began to burn intensely, not from pain but from heat. Her mother made her way through the crowd that had gathered and seeing the panicked condition of her daughter, guided her to sit down and helped to calm her. The five minutes of total blindness seemed the longest time of her life.

Raffaella closed her eyes and buried her head in her hands and sobbed. She then felt compelled to open her right eye, the one she was blind in for 8 years. Raffaella realised she could see her hands, so she opened her left eye and she could clearly see with that too. She realised that she was healed but instead jumping with joy, she froze. Without speaking a word, Raffaella’s mum sensed what had happened and embraced her daughter tightly.

That day, 26th June 2009, forever etched in Raffaella’s mind, when she regained her sight, but more importantly she recovered her faith, because now, finally she can see herself in every sense.

 NB.  Pilgrims are not advised to look at the sun at anytime.