St. Brigid was born in 451AD in Faughart, Co. Louth, Ireland.
Her father was a Chieftain of Leinster, her mother was a Christian slave who was baptised by St. Patrick.
Brigid founded the first monastic community of Ireland in Kildare, (Cill Dara), along with seven other virgins.

The most famous miracle associated with Brigid, focuses around the building of her religious community. As she was looking for land to build on, she found herself in dialogue with a local Irish chieftain. She kindly asked him for a certain quantity of land, to which he sarcastically replied that she could have whatever amount of land her cloak could cover. Smiling gently, Brigid took the cloak from her shoulders and cast it on the ground and it covered over 12 acres of the chieftain’s lands! Witnessing the miracle, he willingly gave her the land. St. Brigid is often known as St. Mary of the Gaels and she died in about 524 in Co. Kildare, Ireland.


There was an old pagan Chieftain who lay restless on his deathbed in Kildare (some believe this was her father) and his servants requested that Brigid come to his beside in the hope of bringing him so peace. Brigid is said to have sat by his bed, consoling and calming him and she picked up the rushes from the floor and began weaving them into the distinctive cross pattern. While she was weaving, she explained the meaning of the cross to the sick Chieftain and it is said that her calming words brought peace to his soul, and that he was so moved by her words that the old Chieftain requested he was baptised as a Christian just before his death.


Dear St. Brigid, brilliant star of sanctity in the early days of our Irish faith and love for the omnipotent God Who has never forsaken us, we look up to you now in earnest, hopeful prayer.
By your glorious sacrifice of earthly riches, joys and affections obtain for us grace to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His justice” with constant trust in His fatherly care.
By your life of laborious charity to the poor, the sick, the many seekers for light and comfort, obtain for us grace to be God’s helpers to the utmost of our power during our stay on earth, looking forward, as you did, to our life with Him during eternity.
By the sanctified peace of your death-bed, obtain for us that we may receive the fullness of pardon and peace when the hour comes that will summon us to the judgment seat of our just and most merciful Lord. Amen.
O God, Who gives us joy by the power of the intercession of Blessed Brigid the Virgin, graciously grant that we may be assisted by her merits by the example of whose chastity we are enlightened. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.