Holy Thursday celebrates the institution of the Eucharist as the true body and blood of Jesus Christ and the institution of the sacrament of the priesthood.

During the Last Supper, Jesus offers himself as the Passover sacrifice, the sacrificial lamb, and teaches that every ordained priest is to follow the same sacrifice in the exact same way.

‘As we gaze upon Christ at the Last Supper, as he becomes for us the ‘bread that is broken,’ as he stoops down in humble service at the feet of the Apostles, how can we not experience, together with Peter, the same feeling of unworthiness in the face of the great gift we receive.’        Pope John Paul II

Jesus gave the gift of the priesthood to his Church on the night before he died. He commanded the apostles, “Do this in remembrance of me.”

We thank you Lord for the gift of your Son Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament and for making us worthy to receive Him body and blood, soul and Divinity at Holy Mass.

We thank you Lord for the gift of the Priesthood and we consecrate all our Priests to Our Lady Queen of Peace, Queen of Priests and we ask Her to bless and protect them always.

We ask you Lord to send labourers into the vineyard, bless all young men considering a vocation to the Priesthood and religious life, that they will become good and holy Priests.  Amen.